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As I am throwing myself more and more into the blogging arena, I am learning so much.  I think I have been putting too much thought into posts.  By the time I write the draft, edit, leave it sit, re-edit, change my mind, I end up either not posting it or letting it die in my “drafts” folder.  So I am going to just write and post.  That leaves me into the next issue, length of post.  I don’t need to write a f***ing paper or a novel, I can be a couple of lines and thats it.  When I think about other blogs, if the posts are too long I skip it or stop reading.  Same should be for my blog.  And lastly, write more than one post a day.  Lets see what happens.

Late last year I decided (thanks to a work colleague’s suggestion) to join a local gym.  Now, normally I don’t like gyms mainly because of the feeling of being overwhelmed by the amount of equipment and really fit people working out there.  Lets be honest, I am far from the picture of health here.  I could stand to lose 40 or 80 pounds. But the moment I walked in to Orange Theory I knew it wasn’t the same kind of gym that I had been to in the past.  There are three reasons (for me) why this is a good fit for me.  Booking classes ahead of time, the workout itself, and the staff.

Instead of just showing up when you want, there are actually scheduled classes, and only scheduled classes.  That means that you can’t just show up, go in and start working out whenever you want.  Something I have to plan and make sure I attend when I book.  That keeps me accountable.  To be honest if I don’t have it scheduled and I leave it to myself to get motivated and go to the gym, I will lose interest and just won’t go.  I have been going for the past five months, mostly three days a week and still going.  That says something to me.  At a traditional gym I would have stopped going months ago.

The workouts are also great.  When I set a goal I want to see it through and I am a pretty good self motivator when it is something I want bad.  The workouts are not for the faint of heart.  They are an hour long, and you get a great workout.  Half cardio and half strength training, so you get a whole body workout.  That appeals to me because I can push as hard as I want and make the workouts more challenging as I go along so I can move the goal posts up as I go along.  The down side of this is that if you aren’t the type of person to push yourself, or think that you can just fake your way through the classes, you won’t get much out of it.  The instructors are great, they pump you up and keep you safe and doing the exercises properly, but they aren’t your personal trainers and they aren’t going to push you.  The goal is to get your heart rate up into the “orange” zone (so many beats per minute), and that at times can be difficult and maybe a little frustrating if you can’t achieve that, but for me that just makes me want to work harder and get there, another goal to achieve.  The trainers themselves are great, very knowledgeable, and super friendly.

The last thing I love about this place is the people.  They are always friendly and willing to chat.  The thing that impressed me the most right away is that everyone knew my name as soon as I met them, and remembered it every time I came back.  It wasn’t just one or two staff members, but every single one of them.  It makes you feel like you belong, and that you matter to them.  It really is a great place to workout and I recommend Orange Theory to anyone that asks.  The price may be a bit rich for some people but to be honest, for me, it works and is worth the extra money.  It has kept me motivated and I am still going three days a week.

Happy New Year 2015

Hello all,

Happy New Year to all!

I don’t really do New Year resolutions.  But I don’t see the problem with starting new things in the new year though.  For example, this year I want to read more.  I am going to start with Jack Higgins’ new novel Rain On The Dead, and them move to something non-fiction.  I am also going to work out more, including doing a weight loss challenge at my new gym, Orange Theory.  I didn’t start going to this gym just because of the new year but I am going to up my game now.

I want to do more writing but that may be a bit much to put all in one year so we will see how I do with what I have.

What are some things you are changing in your life this year?  Add a comment, I would love to hear what everyone else is doing?


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