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Local Sports Team Support

Today marks the beginning of a new NHL hockey regular season. Now as a fan of the game, and of course my local sports team, the Vancouver Canucks, it has been an up and down love affair. I suppose that comes with supporting any sports teams. The last season for the Canucks was, lets just say, not the greatest season they have had in a number of years. You hope at least your team makes the playoffs and that just didn't happen. Not only did it not happen, it didn't happen in a blaze of glory (not in a good way).

As with any sports team a new season generates a new sense of hopefulness, a sense of renewal, of “this is going to be our year”. Though with the Canucks they tend to have a large group of supporters that seem to come on and off the bandwagon with contiunued regularity. Usually around the playoffs you see the increased sense of support in the streets by the fans. This year though, on opening day of the regular season, I noticed a number of people sporting Vancouver Canucks jerseys. Its really nice to see that kind of excitement about the upcoming season that I just hadn't seen in years past.

The odd thing is that about 90% of the people I see wearing the jerseys are women. Why is that? Is that just my old school sterotyping, thinking that it should be mostly men wearing the jerseys? Maybe there is a growing number of women now supporting the team that wasn't there in the past?

Well in any case I would like to wish the @VanCanucks a great year!

Wow, for a moment I thought I read that the Oakland @Raiders had announced that Tony Soprano had been named head coach.

HTC and Twitter

I am thinking of starting a new blog about one of my passions, tech.  I realize there are a million tech blogs out there and we probably don’t need another one, but I really just want to write a blog about something that interests me.  It is not about making money or fame, its just really about doing something I love.

As I was thinking about what I would write for this new blog, I started thinking about social media and my experiences with companies and one company really stood out HTC.  HTC makes great Android-based cell phones and at one point I was the proud owner of an HTC Hero, it was one of the best phones I had ever had.  A few months ago I was toying with the idea of just sending a tweet to HTC, who had just come out with the One, and my current cell phone maker Samsung.  I thought “what if I just sent them a tweet asking for a new phone and see what happens?”  My current phone is great but it is a little worse for wear, the screen is broken and to be honest it has been well loved, but I am in the middle of a three year contract and I cannot afford to buy a new phone outright.  If they said “yes” and sent me a new phone, great!  If not, no big deal.  It doesn’t hurt to ask.  What happened next blew my mind and really spoke to me about the power of social media.

It wasn’t long after I sent my tweets to both HTC (@HTCCanada) and Samsung Mobile (@SamsungMobile), I got a response.  The response was from HTC and it was a nice friendly reply that said “Oh man, we wish we had some to give out!  We still think you should switch, though.  If we get some, we’ll let you know.”  Now that was a great way to say no, it was friendly, courteous, and they seemed genuine with wanting me as a customer.  I sent back a few more replies to there response and each one was answered in the same manner.

Samsung, with whom I was already a customer, was another story.  What did I hear from them?  Nothing.  Not even an acknowledgement that they saw my tweet.  I have tried a few more times to engage with them on Twitter and still have never had a response.  This makes me wonder if I really want to buy another product from them.  Do they really care about the customers they already have?  Are they just too busy for one person out of the millions they serve?  Well, HTC wasn’t too busy.

The few tweets back and forth that I got from HTC made me really want to switch, they showed they cared enough to respond to a random tweet, and they did it with tact, humour, and speed.  To be honest I was shocked to get any response back let alone one so quickly.  It really made me now consider an HTC phone for my next upgrade.  Who knows, maybe this little story might speak to some people that read this blog, and it might make them consider an HTC phone.



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